For physiotherapists

Always at your patient’s side

With Q-Walk you can follow your patient at home, be at their side not only when you are present but also by monitoring and communicating remotely. Thanks to the platform, you can set and constantly monitor your patients’ rehabilitation training.
This allows you to use visual feedbacks in a simple and rapid way, and in any work environment.

It analyzes the speed, frequency and length of the step.

It can be worn on any type of leg, is light and ensures maximum comfort.
Possibility of obtaining reports with different levels of visualization.
The platform allows one-to-one communication with the patient via video conference.

Easy to sanitize with parts removable for replacement.

Technical specifications


Q-Walk is a class 1 medical device created from the proven scientific rationale of the use of visual feedback in rehabilitation. It reduces walking problems and allows people to regain their independence.

It also facilitates rapid learning and reduces recovery times, maintaining the results achieved in the long term.
Push buttons and LEDs
Q-Walk has On/Off keys and +/- adjustment keys to control the distance and set the projection distance of the light feedback.
Projection Distance Adjustment
With Q-Walk it is possible to adjust the projection distance, to allow the physiotherapist to set the ideal step length for each individual Q-Walk user. (Range: angle of 30° to 110°, equivalent to different step sizes based on the height of the user).
Through a patented system, Q-Walk incorporates stabilization of the light feedback during progression of the step.
Horizontal Offset Adjustment
Q-Walk adjusts the projection width of the light point based on the degree of rotation of the person's legs.
Device Care and Maintenance
The fastening straps and padding are removable so that they can be easily replaced in case of wear or for washing.

Clinical validation

Although the visual feedback technique is widely validated in the literature, for us it is important to continue to conduct scientific research with further clinical trials, one of which is in the publication stage.


Q-Walk is protected by two international patents.


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