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Your health.

We had a dream
that is now reality!

In over ten years of experience in the field of physiotherapy, we have found that the majority of the patients we treat only leave their homes to come to our sessions.

We have always believed in bringing the clinic closer to our patients’ homes.

We aim at active involvement in the rehabilitation journey,
with the use of simple and innovative solutions built with
a strong focus on usability to make them accessible to all.

Our mission

We have put people and their needs at the centre of our thoughts. It is with this in mind that we develop devices for rehabilitation and maintaining walking based on the most recent scientific studies. Our focus is on walking, because we know that recovering and maintaining their autonomy in daily life is essential for people: to maintain a high level of commitment as they make progress with the therapy. Our aim is to give people complete freedom and restore their autonomy.

Our Team

Niccolò Sala

Physiotherapist, CEO and Founder

Francesco Rusnati

Physiotherapist, Co-Founder

Manuel Rocco

Physiotherapist, CSO and Co-Founder

Simona Carminati

Product Manager

Riccardo Baldo

Deputy General Manager

Giorgio Ferrari

Digital Business Advisor

Marc Brembilla

IT Manager

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